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Fuchsia Happiness


Article: "Monet's Palette in the Twentieth Century: Water-Lilies and Irises" by Ashok Roy

Thanksgiving with Monet

Ann Connelly Fine Art Consulting

New Website and Blog


Mellifluous Grey

Dogwood Shadow

Small Mellifluous Grey 2

Mellifluous Turquoise Fade

Turquoise White Stripe

Mellifluous Turquoise

Small Mellifluous Black 5

Small Mellifluous Black 4

Small Mellifluous Black 3

Small Mellifluous Black 2

Small Mellifluous Black 1

Small Mellifluous Grey

Yellow Reeds

Mellifluous Black Grouping

Purple White Stripe + Creme

Virginia Studio

Small Tan Grid

Small Pale Turquoise

Small Pale Green

Turquoise Stripe

Turquoise White Band

Faded Utility 11

Sea Life

Diaphanous Mint

Diaphanous - Small

Up For Air


Diaphanous Grey

Diaphanous Sea

Linen I + Diaphanous Sea + Linen II

Linen I

Linen II

Soft Grid

Amber Light


Solitude III

Solitude II

Diaphanous II