Purple Irises

watercolor on paper

Reno Portrait Sketch

pastel on paper

After Louis Anquetin

pastel on paper

Lantana Life

22 x 30    watercolor on paper

Glorious Life

22 x 30    watercolor on paper

When So Much Beauty is Before You

22 x 30    watercolor on paper

Flower Wall

watercolor on paper

Hummingbird Picnic

watercolor on paper


watercolor on paper

Readings for Watercolor I and II

Readings for Watercolor I and II:

"Joseph Raphael offers viewers a rare glimpse inside his studio, his life as an artist and the life of his art."   By Sarah A. Strickley

Article on Wolf Kahn by Lucinda Franks
published in ARTnews, December 2001

published in Southwest Art, March 2011 by Bonnie Gangelhoff

Watercolor I and II Supply List

Supplies for Watercolor I and II
White gouache
Watercolor Paint
Lemon Yellow
Cadmium Yellow 
Cadmium Red Light
Alizarin Crimson
French Ultramarine
Hooker’s Green   (or Phthalo Green, or Viridian, Sap)
Burnt Sienna
You may find these and other colors useful, but they are not necessary:
Phthalo Blue, or Winsor Blue, or Prussian Blue, or even Cerulean Blue 
Pink, such as Rose Madder, Opera Rose, or a Quinaqridone
Sepia or Burnt Umber
Yellow Ochre
Watercolor Pad/Journal 
minimum size 9 x 12” made of watercolor paper

Brushes - size #2 or #4 and #6, or #8 round sable; 1” mop or flat brush (can be hair other than sable); Small round inexpensive brush for masking fluid

Water basin or Palette/water basin combo
Paper towel or clean rag 
Pencil and eraser (either kneaded or white plastic)
Portfolio for storing/transporting paintings
Pipette or bulb syringe

Items for creating texture: (you do not need all of these - just choose those that pique your interest and be prepared to share with class)  different types of salt, alcohol, stencils, tooth brush, plastic wrap, q-tips, sand paper, bleach, white candle (can be an old one), natural sponges, cork, sticks, leaves, crayons, tape, rubbing alcohol, india ink, straw 

Watercolor Class

Classes and Resources:
Watercolor Painting Classes
If you are in the Western Nevada region and are interested in learning the art of watercolor painting, I'll be teaching Art 127 Watercolor I and Art 227 Watercolor II at Western Nevada College, Spring Semester 2015.  For registration information click here.

Watercolor Chart for Watercolor I and II

Color Chart

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