Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface     44 x 55     watercolor on paper

Beneath the Surface in progress



Pink Camellia     55 x 55     watercolor on paper

Pink Camellia in progress outdoors

It was so beautiful yesterday!  I moved "Pink Camellia" outdoors to complete it.  I had been stuck with it and it wasn't going anywhere for a few weeks.  Feeling the warm sun on my skin, breathing the fresh air of Spring, and hearing the birds sing were just what I needed to bring it to completion.

Chloe's Cosmos

Chloe's Cosmos     36 x 48     watercolor on paper

My Artwork Featured on the FSU College of Fine Arts Website

My artworks are the two directly in front of the person. I was looking for something on the Florida State University College of Fines Ar...