Peace - Free Punch Needle Pin/Mini Pattern

Peace begins with each individual.  We all can make a conscious effort to embody and spread peace in our daily lives. Each act of love and kindness, each peaceful interaction with other human beings, animals, and the earth has reverberations.  Anger and strife are easy.  Peace takes work.  Sometimes we need a reminder of this.  Here is a free punch needle pin pattern I am offering as a literal way to experience and spread peace - while creating the needle punch and then by wearing the pin.  No doubt all needlework artists know the individual sense of peace found in time spent on their creations. 
Enjoy!  And please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Here is what you will need:
  • Punch needle and threader (I used a Cameo punch needle with the medium needle on setting 2 with six strands of floss.)
  • Non slip embroidery hoop (Susan Bate's Hoopla or Morgan).  I used a 4 inch hoop.
  • DMC floss
    • 3810 for the word 'peace'
    • 3811 for the background oval
    • B5200 or white for the scalloped edge
  • Fabric - weaver's cloth or similar fabric suitable for punch needle (If you don't have weaver's cloth, test out fabrics you already have - I have found cotton quilting fabric, twill, and linen can work.) 
  • Small piece of wool or felt in coordinating color
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • Elmer's or Fabric Glue
  • Stiff brush
  • Bar pin - glue or sew (if sewing - you will need thread and needle)   

Step 1.  Adjust pattern size on your screen to desired size.  The original design is 1 1/4 x 3 inches but will appear different on different screens.  My finished piece once stitched and glued on wool backing is 1 3/4 x 3 1/2 inches.   

Step 2.  Hold or tape fabric on your screen and trace the design onto fabric with permanent marker.   

Step 3.  Once you have traced your design onto fabric, place fabric in no slip embroidery hoop and pull tight.

Step 4.  Punch design with six strands of embroidery floss.  I recommend punching the word 'peace' first.  

Step 5.  Once you have finished punching the design, take it out of the embroidery hoop and gather your supplies.  Note - some needle artists like to over-dye their needle punch work with coffee to achieve and antique look.  If you desire an antique look, over-dye your embroidery piece with coffee at this point and let dry before going to next step.  

Step 6.  Brush glue onto back of embroidery and all the way out to the outer line of the design (the outer oval shape).  Let dry.

Step 7.  Once the glue is dry, first cut along the outer oval line of the design.
Step 8.  Then trace this shape onto the back of the wool/felt.  Put wool/felt aside.
Step 9.  Carefully cut the fabric away from the embroidery design along the edge of the scallops.  Try to not cut any of the floss/loops.  

 Step 10.  Place trimmed embroidery piece onto wool/felt.  Check to see if the oval you traced is large enough to create a border around the scallops.  If it is just right, go ahead and cut the oval shape out of the wool/felt.  It you want your border to be larger, cut slightly outside the oval to create the desired size.  Don't worry, if the traced oval is showing on your wool/felt because it will be on the back of the pin and will not show.   

 Step 11.  Now glue trimmed embroidery piece to wool/felt and let dry. Your piece should look like the one in the picture above. 

Step 12.  Now you are ready to either sew or glue the bar pin onto the back of your piece. 

Congratulations!  You are finished and can now wear your pin or give it as a gift to spread peace.  I would love to see your finished creation! 


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