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Watercolor Meditation: The Artist is Universe

After coming across my artwork featured on the FSU college of art website, I revisited my works of art featured in the exhibit and decided to share them and my reflections on them here on my blog.  This is the third installment out of three works of art:

Marina Abramovic’s Art 21 videos really struck a chord with me.  She spoke of repetitive actions which made me think of how we repeat our way of being in the world and are transformed slowly.  There are many boundaries we must face, within ourselves, our communities, the larger society. Slowly, over time, our ways of understanding and being change.  Slowly, society is recognizing the many ways women have been continually subjugated and there is movement towards a better way.

Abramovic spoke of silence.  I have a strong need for silence and peace because of my
nature/personality, temperament as well as my history.  Students today are living and learning in
a cacophonous world and art making can create a space for silence in their mind…

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