Inspiration is an important part of being an artist.  We see, hear, read, or experience something that moves us.  As artists we usually feel this deeply and want to express it visually.  Personally, I find inspiration abounds in nature during spring, summer, and fall.  Winter is just not my favorite time of year for many reasons - most of all because I don't like being cold!  This can be my least productive time of year and I sometimes struggle to find inspiration.  This would be a great time to get lost in an art museum.  If you are lucky enough to live close to a great art museum then you have no further to look.  For most of us, this is where art magazines, books, or even trips to the grocery store or garden center can be helpful.  Unfortunately, I haven't lived close to a decent sized art museum since I moved from New York in the late nineties.  A few years ago I discovered MyMet which I have found to be an amazing source of inspiration.  It is a tool on The Metropolitan Museum of Art's website.  It allows you to select works of art in your own personal collection.  All you need to do is register for MyMet which is easy to do and free.  Then start searching their collections and saving works that really move you to your MyMet.  Your choices will be saved so you can view them the next time you are in need of inspiration.  As you peruse works you admire, it is likely your imagination with be triggered to search for other similar works and sometimes that is all I need to light the fire of inspiration.  Here is the link:  MyMet

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