Smith Farm Paintings Collection

This is a series of paintings I have done of my family’s farm near Enterprise, Alabama, where I grew up.  My Great Grandparents homesteaded this land.  As a child I played in the woods and fields and developed a love of nature and being outdoors.  When I was growing up it was outside the town, but now it is being encroached by suburbs.  My father, sister, and cousin still live there and my cousin continues to farm the land and raise livestock there.  I have done some paintings in the past and hope to do many more to record it’s natural beauty before it disappears.

Reflections     egg tempera on wood panel
This is a new addition to my "Smith Farm Paintings" collection.  Being so far away from 'the pond' right now, I found creating this painting peaceful as I recollected the serenity of sitting and gazing upon such beauty.

Grandmama's House    oil on canvas
 This painting is of my grandmother's house which her parents built.  My dad now lives there.  I did this painting while standing in the field across the road.

Grandmama's Pears   oil on canvas
There was a pear tree that grew beside my Grandmother's house that produced these delicious small pears.  Sadly, the tree died last year.  This painting was sold through the Corporate Art Source Gallery in Montgomery, Alabama.  

Both of the above paintings were done en plein air (in the open air from life) and primarily with a palette knife around 2005.

The Dirt Road (Which is Now Paved)  oil on canvas

I did this painting en plein air while standing on the grounds of the business office of the farm looking towards the chicken houses and my sister's house.  The road was still dirt when I painted this around 2005.  There used to be an old house behind the tree on the far right and we often had a garden there.  I remember picking peas there as a child with small white and pale yellow butterflies fluttering around.

Mickey at the Pond   oil and egg tempera on board
This is my dad at the pond.  He and his brother built the pond when I was a child.  I remember he brought home a small rabbit he found while working on the pond and it was our pet for a while.  According to Google Maps it is called Smith Brother's Pond, but my dad said that his late brother, Don, wanted it to be called Lake Christie

Old Silo     9 x 12    pastel on paper

This view is from the site of the farm office.  To the left there used to be an old dairy barn.  I remember when I was young and the barn was no longer in use, my dad filled in part of it with water to be a swimming pool for us.  To the right of this view there is a large open barn for farm equipment.  There is now a newer farm office built to the left.

New Tree     8 x 10    oil on birch panel

I painted this from a reference photo I took while at a family reunion held annually at my cousin's house.  

Grazing Cows     8 x 10   egg tempera on wood panel

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