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On a recent trip to San Francisco I visited the Berkeley Museum of Art and the Asian Art Museum.  The Berkeley Museum of Art is showing works by Hans Hofmann from their permanent collection in honor of his gift of about 50 paintings to begin the museum.  The museum will be moving to a new location in downtown Berkeley.  Hofmann's ideas about art really resonate with me.  The last time I saw a collection of his work was at a show in San Antonio in 2002.  At that time my daughter was about 5 months old.  I will never forget the joy she expressed as I rolled her stroller in front of the large paintings.  Her whole body conveyed her excitement.  As I would leave one painting to roll on to the next she would begin to fuss until she realized that we were only moving on to another magnificent painting.    


"The creative process lies not in imitating, but in paralleling nature - translating the impulse received from nature into the medium of expression, thus vitalizing this medium.  The picture should be alive, the statue should be alive, and every work of art should be alive."  Hans Hofmann, 1948

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