Materials and Process

I love art materials and over the years have tried just about every medium available.  I think choice of art medium has a lot to do with the artist's personality and temperament, and I find that infinitely fascinating.  My own preference is painting in watercolor on paper and in this post I'll share what materials I use as well as my process for creating a painting.

I feel it is important to use the highest quality materials available so that my work will be lasting and integrally sound.  To achieve this, I use only professional watercolor paint, including Sennelier and Maimeri Blu, with the highest lightfast ratings.  This means the colors in my paintings should not fade with time.  I use traditional sable watercolor brushes as well as squirrel quills.  I paint many layers of color on Fabriano Artistico 100% cotton hot press watercolor paper, which is a beautiful archival paper.  I purchase large rolls in both 140lb. and 300lb. weights and cut the paper to size.  My largest paintings are done on the heavy 300lb. paper.  After I have completed a painting, I then apply a coat of Gamblin's cold wax medium, which is a combination of beeswax, resin, and mineral spirits.  The mineral spirits evaporate and leave a beautiful, soft luster.  This wax layer, which has a faint and pleasant honey scent, helps to protect the painting from moisture so that framing behind glass is not necessary.  I then mount the painting onto a wood panel with a combination of Lineco archival adhesive and Golden's heavy acrylic medium.  Most of the panels I use are 1.5 inch deep.  Larger panels have extra bracing on the back.  I then trim the edges, paint the sides, and apply another coat of wax to the painting.  Depending on the painting, I sometimes leave the edges of the panel unpainted and apply the wax to show the beauty of the natural wood.  I then wire the board and the painting is complete and ready to hang.  The completed look has a clean contemporary feel.  Further framing is not necessary unless desired by the patron.   

my typical painting setup
a painting drying after the first coat of wax
1.5 inch deep panels with a wax coat to show the beauty of the natural wood

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