Peace Offering

Peace Offering    12 x 12 inches   egg tempera and ink on paper mounted on wood

Peace Offering   8 x 8 inches   hand-painted needlepoint canvas   
My painting, Peace Offering, was selected for the 2018 NAEA (National Art Education Association) Member Exhibition that will be showcased in the NAEA Studio & Gallery from October 1, 2018 through January 4, 2019 in Alexandria, Virginia.  I began this painting using black to express my profound sadness for the victims of the Parkland school shootings.  Seeking harmony and hope, I added the camellia.  Frustrations encountered in the process were reminders of what art can offer individuals and society - a safe space to develop patience, perseverance, transformation, and compassion.  This painting was created as part of my doctoral dissertation research.  To expand this idea further I created a hand-painted needlepoint canvas to collaborate with others to find and spread peace and compassion.  The needlepoint canvas is available in my Etsy needlework shop.  


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