Crossing Bridges

Crossing Bridges     8 x 10 inches     pastel on paper

crossing the bridge
back to academia

after a short

into the land
of milk and honey

keep with me
this interlude

closer to
my natural attitude 

first layer

alcohol wash

work in progress

completed painting
This morning as I created this painting I knew that I must return to my academic work after spending the last couple of weeks immersed in pastel landscape painting.  While I am crossing the bridge back to academia to finish my doctoral work - a few more weeks of my last class and only my dissertation to complete after that, I feel that my bridge between academic work and my creative and contemplative artwork has become shorter and the two have become more integrated through the work of my dissertation.  When I set out on the doctoral journey, this was a vague goal I hoped to achieve, and at times I felt I was losing sight of, so I am pleased with the culminating fruits of this long, hard journey.   

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