Johnson Center Exhibit, Reception, and News Coverage

Last night was the reception for my exhibition at the lovely Johnson Center for the Arts in Troy, Alabama.  My work is featured in the upstairs gallery and Warren Simons' work is featured in the downstairs gallery.  Both of our work is contemplative in nature, with his featuring photography and mine painting.  We both gave a short talk.  I greatly enjoyed talking with everyone at the reception.  I was able to share the visual products of my work but also my contemplative process and how I'm using that as a central focus of my doctoral research.  I shared how art making can be a means of knowledge formation, research, self care, and resilience.  I enjoyed answering the audience's thoughtful questions.  Interactions at the reception become a part of my learning process, as questions about my work and process help me to understand and better articulate it.  Seeing a large group of my work altogether also has a synthesizing effect in that it helped me to see the larger picture of my life's work as being one of researching, coming to know, and integrating parts of myself and interactions with nature and others through my art making process.  Art exhibitions may not generally be thought of as a form or place of learning, but that is certainly what it is for me.

Click here to read about my current exhibit at the Johnson Art Center.

Click here to read news coverage of the reception of my current exhibit at the Johnson Art Center.

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