New Mexico Inspiration

Desert Good Morning   11 x 14 inches   pastel 

I visited New Mexico last week and was inspired by the beautiful landscape to do pastels again.  It was a busy trip, but I managed to take a few reference photos. When I got home I laid out my pastel boxes on the taboret and set up my easel.  I got to work and did these two pastel landscapes on rust/brown (Sienna and Salmon I think) toned Sennelier Pastel Card.  I used to prefer doing pastels on Wallis paper and when that became difficult to find, I switched to UArt Premium Sanded 400 and also experimented with some other surfaces including Sennelier.   Coming back to pastels I'm aiming for more poetic works and Sennelier Card is suited for that.  While it can take detailed strokes, it seems made for broad strokes with a light hand and the build up of thin layers.  In my next post I'll be experimenting with making my own pastel surface...

Desert Dawn     8 x 10 inches     pastel

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