Pastel Poetry

Shenandoah Green     11 x 14 inches     pastel on linen laid on wood

on the gently rolling hills shone

grass so green I didn't feel alone

earth and air enveloped me

never did I feel more free

first lay in of pastel

pastel selection

alcohol wash

laying in of more pastel

After many layers I'm overall pleased, but have some concern about the slope of the foreground hill.  I'm working on not overworking, so I will leave it for now...

I've been working on my doctoral dissertation which utilizes contemplative art making and poetry as research.  One of the biggest personal insights I've had through my doctoral work is that I'm essentially a poet.  I don't claim to be a skilled one, but poetic existence and thinking are at the root of my natural way of being.  So in my new pastel landscapes I hope to remain true to that.  This means letting go of linearity and control, resting in the ephemeral, and sometimes letting things be as they are in my work instead of striving for perfection.    

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