Pastel Surface Experiment

Shenandoah Whisper     11 x 14 inches     pastel on paper
available for purchase

After being inspired by the landscape of New Mexico to do pastel painting again, I sorted through my stash of pastel paper.  I found a small assortment of UArt Sanded, Sennelier Pastel Card, and Canson Mi Teintes (not my favorite).  Since I've been doing a lot of watercolor paintings over the past couple of years I have several large rolls of Arches and Fabriano paper on hand.  I still had a jar of Art Spectrum Primer that I bought many years ago, but had not used.  I cut a piece of Arches cold press 156 lb. paper and applied a thin layer of the primer. 

After that dried, I began laying in color for a Virginia countryside landscape.  The pastel went on a little rough:  

 But I was very pleased after I washed over the first layer with rubbing alcohol and a bristle brush: 

The next day I worked in it more by going back in with my original color selection of pastels and was pleased with the results:  

Here are the pastels I used to create this painting (NuPastels, Sennelier, and the light brown one is homemade from my painting dust droppings that I collect):

I was pleased with my pastel surface experiment with Art Spectrum Primer on Arches cold press 156 lb. paper.  It held thinly applied layers of color without getting muddy so that subtle color shows through in a pleasing way.  If you'd like to try this pastel surface, I have some for sale in my Etsy shop.  

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