Pastels Revisited

Desert Moonrise   pastel

Orange Setting Sun  pastel
Looking back over my past work, I was drawn to these two pastels, which sold to collectors a few years back.  Both of these landscapes were created just before I took a break from doing pastels a few years ago.  I had been doing pastel portrait commissions and had become frustrated with the limits of realism.  For this, and a couple of other reasons, I began painting with watercolor which led me down a different path, including teaching college courses and workshops.  I currently have a large solo exhibition on display at the Johnson Center for the Arts in Troy, Alabama  where the majority of the work is watercolor.  This show coincides with me achieving status as a doctoral candidate in the PhD Art Education program at Florida State University (yay! the end is in sight), and several other significant life transitions.  While transitions can be challenging, they are also a time of growth.  My art making parallels my life process and I am feeling a desire to move in a more poetic direction with both.  In this I hope to find more time to connect and commune with nature and the landscape and I see that manifesting in poetic pastel landscapes.  When I look back at these two paintings, I see now that I was beginning to glimpse this path at that time.     

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