Sublime Tree Line (Patience is Sublime)

Sublime Tree Line

sublime tree line

light reflect

water shimmer

revery enter

I returned to this painting today.  I had set it aside several years ago because something about it just didn't seem right to me.   Some time after that I pulled it out again and worked on it, only to return it to the discard pile again.  Today I pulled it out, looked at the reference photo, and taped the painting to the board on my easel.  But once I had it up, I loved it.  I just needed to see it with fresh eyes.  Maybe where I went wrong to begin with was initially having an idea of what I wanted it to be.  I just had to be patient with it and myself.  Now it has a dreamy quality to me.  Sometimes I find reference photos set me onto a literal path and then I'm disappointed in the results.  I just need to trust in my process and that takes time - sometimes several years, but this is a good life lesson.  

The original reference photo for this painting was taken when we were on a family trip to Callaway Gardens in Georgia many years ago.  

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