Art Quilt Applique´ and Intuitive Process

I've been creating some new wool applique´ designs and realized I had never shared my applique´ work on my blog.  I created most of these many years ago when my daughter was young.  All of these began or were created when we lived in North Dakota.  I was focused on raising my daughter and I was always doing some kind of hand needlework at that time.  Possibly I had not shared them then because I felt a little unsure of myself in the area of sewing.  I always shared my fine art with others, but I was a self-taught sewer (since childhood) and these creative needleworks evolved out my imagination.  I did not worry about rules, I just had fun.  Although I'm a trained artist, the artwork I'm most drawn to is often folk art.  There is an honesty to it, a pureness of individual expression that is exciting.  As I'm finishing my doctoral work, I have come to realize that while I might have taken this path to try to learn to do things the way others do them, what I value most for myself and my students is the uniqueness of each individual's creative expression.  I've met so many people that want to do art, but say they can't because they are not trained.  The biggest obstacle to learning and creativity is the fear of beginning.  For many, schooling has put the idea into their mind that you must have a plan before beginning.  But creativity is intuitive and you just have to begin somewhere, anywhere, and ideas will flow from there, and you will find the skills you need along the way.  Trust the process, your own creative process.  No one can teach or tell you how to do that, it just takes practice.  

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