Butterfly Weed

Each morning as I sit and sew lately, I can see the butterfly weed blooming in my garden just outside the window.  Seeing it blooming reminded me of this drawing/painting (see below) I created back in 2017 of my butterfly weed.  I thought it might look nice as a small embroidery/applique´ design, so I set to work.  When considering how to share this one with others, I decided to only offer it as a cloth pattern as one more move toward making my art and designs/patterns more earth friendly.  Visit my Etsy shop for the pattern.  This also is a way for me to making sharing my designs more hands-on and handmade, and more conducive to encouraging collaboration and creativity - I don't offer instructions with this one.  I'd love to see what other stitchers create with this design and what new life it takes on.

Above is the original painting I did of butterfly weed in my garden.  In the image below you can see the design in the process of going from drawing/painting to needlework design.

Butterfly weed goes through a natural cycle each year and feeds the monarch caterpillar, inspiring me to try to keep this design as earth friendly as possible.

I incorporated it into an art quilt using recycled fabrics:

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