Garden Flowers #2 wool applique´and embroidery

This is the second embroidery and wool applique  design I'm working on based on my doctoral dissertation work.  When I release the pattern and kit I will post a link here.  Thanks for reading!

This is the original contemplative photograph from my doctoral dissertation research that I based this design on.

The design in progress

I used a hole puncher to create most of the individual flowers.

I sat in this chair in the mornings to work this design.  Just outside the window is the back porch where a pretty green lizard kept me company just outside the window.  

Here the design is completed.  I still need to sign it.  I'm thinking of making this one into a wall hanging.

The embroidered and appliqued top sat around in my life for a little while, sometimes on the dining table, sometimes at the foot of the bed, sometimes on the studio table.  Each day I would glance at it, loosely contemplate what to do with it, then I would go on to other projects.   One day as I was putting away some fabric from another project I noticed a backing I created a few months ago from recycled fabric.  When I created the backing, I wasn't really sure how I would use it, or what it would become - I started it, then set it aside for a while.  When I noticed it again, I pulled it out and laid it down with the embroidered/appliqued piece over it and knew immediately that the two were meant for each other.  Writing about this now, I am reminded that mine and my husband's 19th wedding anniversary was earlier this week.  This little quilt is a representation of us and how we go together and were meant for each other.  The center inspired by my academic work and nature contemplation practice, with white canvas at the top (I've always been a painter) and the backing is up-cycled fabric from my husband's boxers, in check and a print of a hula dancer, both which visually represent my husband.  How pleasing that this art quilt would serendipitously come together this week! 

Here I have closed off the embroiered/appliqued piece with a backing fabric.

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