Up-cycled Travel Sewing Caddy from Brie Boxes

I love brie cheese and have been saving the nice round cardboard boxes it comes in for a while.  I wasn't sure what I would do with them, but I knew they would be perfect for something.  My curious kitten helped me figure out a great use.  He kept trying to play with my pin cushion and thread that I keep nearby while sewing.  I needed some way to keep my kitty safe from my sewing items and my sewing items safe from him.  Also, I used to use a small cloth bag to carry my sewing items while traveling but have recently been dissatisfied with how I seem to lose small items in the bottom and have to empty out all the contents to find what I'm looking for, which is frustrating.  I tested out keeping my sewing stuff in a brie box and it worked.  My needles and thread were out of sight of my kitty, but handy for me in the shallow box, so all items were easily visible.  Now I just needed to make them pretty.  I first painted a few with casein paint ( I didn't paint the inside - it is a nice creamy white).    

I also tried applying fabric with wheat paste, which worked well too.  To do this, cut fabric circles slightly larger than the top and bottom (I suggest not using very thick fabric since the paste will need to saturate the fabric).  Then cut strips to fit exactly on the sides.  Mix up wheat paste (I use Lineco brand - it has instructions on the side - mix a little with water and heat slightly in microwave).  Apply a thin layer of wheat paste to top and bottom boxes, then lay circle of fabric on each and apply another layer till fabric is saturated.  Glue excess fabric over side of box.  Repeat this process for applying the side fabric.  You won't have any excess fabric this time though, so line it up as well as you can.  It doesn't have to be perfect. Let dry.

You can use the boxes just like this or follow the steps below to add an inner pin cushion and a decorative top. 

I created a small round wool applique´ design, then cut out a slightly smaller piece of wool, and a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than that.

Sandwich these together:

And begin whipstitching the sides of the wool rounds together with sewing thread:

When almost done whipstitching the sides, stuff with cotton, wool, or your favorite stuffing.  My kitty has angora like fur that I had been collecting from his daily brushings, so I used some of that since this was only for my own use and it made a nice stuffing (he is pesticide free and organic : ).  

Then I glued the little pin cushion into the center of the brie box bottom (I used Aileen's Fabric Fusion Glue):

I put my pins and needles into the cushion at an angle so I can easily fit the top of the box on:

Now that I had a functioning sewing caddy, I was ready for the finishing touch - a decorative top.  I created a design in wool applique´ on up-cycled denim.  Then I sewed it to a backing fabric - right sides facing.  I cut a slot in the backing fabric, turned inside out and pressed.  Then I applied Aileen's Fabric Fusion Glue to the top, spread it around, then placed my applique´ piece on top.  

For now I haven't applied tops to the box I covered with fabric because I like how they stack together nicely.  If you'd like to give it a try and have any questions, please let me know.

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